Continues Partnership with AKH

Continues Partnership with AKH

Partnering with Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH) to enhance fine-dine experiences in Qatar. Bridge Digital Menu empowers AKH's reopened restaurants with cutting-edge technology, seamlessly merging tradition and innovation for an elevated dining journey.

Continues Partnership with AKH

Doha, Qatar - Cham Solutions & Programs, a leading digital solutions provider, continues its partnership with Aspire Katara Hospitality (AKH) to elevate fine-dine experiences in Qatar. Through their flagship platform, Bridge Digital Menu, Cham Solutions empowers AKH's reopened restaurants with cutting-edge technology, seamlessly merging tradition and innovation for an unforgettable dining journey.

AKH, a renowned player in the hospitality industry, operates a portfolio of fine-dine restaurants in Doha, Qatar. Following a temporary closure due to COVID-19, AKH has chosen to collaborate with Cham Solutions once again. The Bridge Digital Menu platform, meticulously crafted for fine-dine establishments, bridges the gap between the traditional charm of these restaurants and the advancements of the digital age.

With its sleek interface and intuitive features, Bridge Digital Menu captivates patrons, allowing them to explore menus, receive personalized recommendations, and engage with culinary delights effortlessly. AKH's esteemed restaurants, including Bayt El Talleh, Chabrat Al Mina, Chac'late, Feeh Al Aafia, LA MESA, le Vesuvio, L'wzaar, Marsa Katara, and Sukar Pasha, will benefit from this transformative digital experience.

Since 2016, Cham Solutions & Programs has been at the forefront of AKH's digital transformation journey. Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, AKH's commitment to excellence in hospitality remains unwavering. With the reopening of their fine-dine establishments in June 2022, AKH's decision to once again choose Bridge Digital Menu underscores their confidence in Cham Solutions' ability to enhance operations and deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Mr. Firas Shrourou, Managing Partner of Cham Solutions & Programs, expresses his enthusiasm for the continued partnership. He states, "We are delighted to collaborate with Aspire Katara Hospitality once again. Our Bridge Digital Menu platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of fine-dine restaurants, and we are dedicated to providing AKH with cutting-edge technology that elevates their operations and enriches the dining journey for their valued patrons."

AKH's Manager, Mr. Micheal, shares his satisfaction with the partnership, expressing optimism about the future. He emphasizes, "Cham Solutions & Programs consistently delivers outstanding results, and Bridge Digital Menu has become an integral part of our fine-dine restaurants. We are confident that their innovative platform will contribute to our success as we reopen our doors and welcome guests once again."

With Cham Solutions & Programs and Aspire Katara Hospitality united, they forge ahead in revolutionizing the fine-dine experience through seamless integration of technology and timeless charm. Together, they are poised to create extraordinary culinary moments that will leave a lasting impression on discerning patrons.