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Menu On Tablet

Menu on Tablet increases your sales and gives the power to control your menu when ever you want.

We consider your menu as the key stone for your success, the menu represents the products you sell and thus making your business profitable and your customers eager to visit you again and again.
Using Bridge Digital Menu will give you full control of your menu, you can organize it the way you need, re-organize it whenever you want to, add or hide items to the menu based on the season or special events, promote items for several days or may be several hours, it is all under your control.
Bridge Digital Menu is organized by sections (e.g. Food, Beverages, Sweets…). Under each section you can add unlimited categories (e.g. Starters, Main Course, Ice Cream, Mocktails…). Under each category you can add unlimited items where each item can have an image and a video to help increase the sale and give the needed impression to your customers.
Bridge Digital Menu platform gives you the ability to define unlimited menus (e.g. Normal Menu, Ramadan Menu, Eid Al Adha Menu, Sports Day Menu…). You can set one of them as the default and keep the others to be used when you need them. By choosing any menu as the default menu you tell Bridge Digital Menu Platform what items to show for your guest on their gadgets.
The Item in the menu has many features that you can take advantage of, for example:
- Each Item has a name in both Arabic and English.
- You can add a description to the item in both Arabic and English.
- Each item can have addons or modifiers such as Extra Cheese, White Sause, Extra Mushrooms…
- You can add the Allergy Warnings like Has Nuts, Has Shellfish, Has Soy...
- You can add the Meat Origin both in English and Arabic.
- You can add Nutrition values like Calories, Saturated Fat, Fibers, Sodium…
- You can mark the item as Chef Special to distinguish this item from the rest in its category.
- You can mark the item as New Item to distinguish the item from the rest in its category.
- You can define the preparation time required for this item, so that your guest will know how much time he or she is going to wait for it.
- You can set Promotion prices for each item with a start and end date. Promotion price can be limited to hours of a day for example (5 PM to 7 PM).
- You can set the Display Order of the items in each category, rearranging your items the way is best for you and your guests.

Bridge Digital Menu gives you many choices to deploy your menu, you can display your menu on a wall mounted smart TV, on a tablet or iPad, on your own website, and even on the customer’s own mobile.
You can also share your menu with customers by sending them a link where they can browse your menu on their mobile, laptop and desktop.
Bridge Digital Menu offers you the ability to use one or more of its modules, you can choose the best scenario for your business or ask one of our consultants to help you decide.
You can start with one of the modules and expand your subscription with other modules or additional licenses when your business is ready for the next step.

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